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May 28, 2012

Author's Note: This is a post inspired by an article  in I thought of coming up with my own dating deal breakers as I ponder on my not-so colorful dating life (wow, as if!)

Dating tips! My gosh---> I am not very good at this because obviously I am not married yet!

Yes, I go out on dates (depending on the size of the moon, lol!) but to say I am an expert is just not right. But since I own this blog (ehem), I figured I can still write my take on dating. Yey!

Deal breakers are behaviors, character or habits which seem to be non-negotiable between you and your boy.

So here's mine:

1.  Mr. Self Centered
Speak slowly dude. We've been here face to face and yet all you can talk about is yourself.

2.  Mr. Stupid
I need not require a brain of a genius but please have some sense in your stories. Do you even know how to read or write? The point is, please make an effort to bring something into the table called CONVERSATION!

3. Mr. Conceited
Don't be convinced you're "in". Wait till someone says you are.

4. Mr. Pretender
Unless you are an actor and in front of the camera, lose it. Girls can smell F-A-K-E-S from where you are!

5. Mr. Cheap
I ain't looking for Mr. Millionaire to save me. But I expect to see some "class" nevertheless! I am as cool as a cowboy so if you avoid being cheap, then we'll go even farther.

6. Mr. Slick Rick
Don't smooth talk me about getting some action. Words of caution: If you deserve anything, that shall be given to you.,r:1,s:0,i:68

7. Mr. Negative
Oh my- never even attempt to give me your negative vibes. I'll flush you into the toilet. If you have real reason to be negative I am willing to listen but hopefully not on the first date. I just hate people ranting all through out.

8. Mr. Rude
Didn't your parents teach you some good manners? Well if they didn't, buy yourself LOTS. You deserve it.,r:2,s:0,i:68&tx=75&ty=32

9. Mr. Play-it-Safe/ Boring
Dude, where is your sense of adventure? You can't  die by playing in the rain!,r:13,s:24,i:146&tx=41&ty=37

10. Mr. Dependent
I don't mind working if ever we start having kids, but please have a R-E-A-L job if you want us to be together. If you plan to continuously depend on me to raise the family, well, you got no chance on going out with me. Not even one. I am just too chic and classy to be your sugar momma.,r:11,s:0,i:87

What about you? What are your dating deal breakers? Come on, spill them!

Miss J

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  1. tama ateng!! turn off ang walang work at mr. know it all! lol!