May 17, 2012

Tine and Moi during one of our shopping sessions!

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go."- Margaret Walker
I was having lunch with my friend JB yesterday when I got a tweet from my good friend, Tine. She is a blogger too. If you wanna know how "fashion" she is, you should start reading her blog. We are also shopping buddies, chika-mates, Saturday lunch buddies and even IntraLasik (Shinagawa) mates too!

I almost died laughing when I read her tweet. The reason? read on!

NOTE: The following is a repost from her blog entry here:

Conversation is written in 2 major languages - Tagalog and English. For better appreciation. Bow (^.^)

@ One Posh Shopping Store
Tine: Madam, bet mo?
Jolly: Keri mam. Magkano?
Tine : Php 899.00
Jolly: Harlus! (Ang mahal!) Punta tayo sa SM may pasok sa banga dun.

@ SM Department Store
Ang daming flats and in all colors and sizes. Read: Affordable!
Tine : Madam, ikaw na talaga! Amazing ka!
Jolly : Namaste (Naman!).
Photo Credit: Tine's blog
@ One Posh Shopping Store
Tine: Madam, you like it?
Jolly: Yup. Nice. How much?
Tine : Php 899.00
Jolly: Too much for a pair of flats! Let's  head to SM. There's more fun stuffs there.

@ SM Department Store
Ballet flats everywhere. In all colors and sizes. Read: Affordable!
Tine : Madam, you're the best. Amazing!
Jolly : Thank You. But of course!

Hahahaha! JB and I ended our lunch but I still could not stop laughing!

So apparently yesterday, she was kind enough to link my blog in her blog. Sweet!

To Madam Tine, supah grazie from Moi. Thank you for your gift of friendship which I truly appreciate. True friends are indeed hard to come by.

So, ladies and guys, whether you are "fasyon" or not, please, please check out her blog here!

Miss J

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