When in Bali: Seminyak or Kuta?

April 03, 2017

A more elegant traveler would for sure answer-  Seminyak

Afterall, it is a much quieter place, where the slightly "richer" travelers would stay. 

Where nightlife is more refined for non-backpackers who would often turn into rowdy tourists after few beers or a round of beer-pong.

It is only my second time in Bali (the first one was in 2011) but that time, my friend and I stayed in Kuta. 

It wasn't so bad as our days were spent touring and only in the evening did we go out once, much to our sense of adventurism, we looked for some action (the good kind) so as not to waste the evening.

In November last year however, I decided to stay in Seminyak the most time because I wanted to be away from the chaos of Kuta

I simply wanted to NOT have a plan instead of having too much plans.

Seminyak is located north of Kuta, there are excellent places to eat, and yeah, slightly more expensive than Kuta but here is not crowded.

You can walk into the streets without guys out in the street offering you something. You can walk out in the sun just enjoy it for what it is. 

So yeah, it is hands down Seminyak for me between the two!

Now you can thank me later:)


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