REVISITED | Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base Review

December 09, 2012

One of the things which excites me with makeup is that there are just too many brands to discover. While it takes amount of risks to change your personal brands, if one loves makeup, the all the more that he/ she must keep an open mind in trying those which are just relatively new in the market.

Well my recent discovery is the  Flormar Illuminating Primer Makeup Base.

This is a new brand which was introduced in the Philippine market just this month of December according to their sales assistants at the SM Mall of Asia and retails for Php 599.00.

Flormar Professional Makeup was born in 1970’s in the city of Milan of Italy, carried all its production to Turkey in 1972’s starting a 40 years of adventure. Nice noh?

Product Description:
It creates a powdery and matte effect on the skin with its soft texture. As a smooth skin can be achieved by covering the thin lines using primer makeup base, the acacia and green tea in the formula supports the elasticity of the skin. Prepares the skin for the makeup giving it a smooth look, moisturizes the skin all day and prevents it from drying.

Me Says:

Good looking Packaging

I love products with pump or in tube-style packaging as they allow me to dispense only the product I need. Plus it is more hygienic that way.

Illuminating Properties 
Yes, it does work! I can see that my makeup glows beautifully when I use this.

Not Sticky
I love the fact that it is not that creamy or sticky.I can spread it beautifully in my skin.

The scent is so pretty. It smells of green tea and makes me calm for some reason. However if you don't fancy products with scent, you might not like this.


Oil Control Properties
My face became oily after 3-4 hours. I wished it was a lot better.

Staying Power
I'd say it kept my makeup intact for 5 hrs. This product does not promise to keep my oilies at bay but it boasts of beautiful illuminating properties.

Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

The only thing which didn't work for me was because it didn't help to keep my olies at bay. However, if you don't have oily skin as I do and needs some extra "glow" when you put your makeup on, this can be your next bet.

Buy Again: Maybe not. With my oily skin I can use my other primers.

Do you keep an open mind when trying new products? What have you tried lately?

Miss J

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before!I bet this would make a nice primer for dry skinned gals, too bad I'm on the oily side.. :/ But thanks for sharing! :)


    1. Hi Jem yes this European brand is just new in the Philippines. And oh who can resist the fact that it's made in exotic Turkey:)

  2. Great review! Hoping to try this one too :)
    New follower here! :) You are awesome, Keep it up! Looking forward for more post. Hoping you'll check and follow my blog too :)

    1. Hi Jan wow thanks so much for visiting and liking my blog! Conpliments can make me live for many months hehehe. I shall visit your blog soon:)

  3. Havent heard of this brand yet too! Thanks for introducing it :)
    I love discovering new brands here in the Philippines!

    1. Hi Shari, me too, I love discovering new products!

  4. I stumbled upon this product at their new makeup counter in a beauty store around me and I purchased it on a whim. Being a girl with really oily skin I was really disappointed with it... It made my foundation run after only a couple of hours. I wish I had read ur review before I purchased it. On the good side, I guess it will be perfect for studio photo sessions! :-)