Top Five Reasons Why You Should Date a Beauty Blogger

December 18, 2012

Okay listen guys or girls (just make sure you ask your guy to read this with you), if I were a boy, I would jump into every opportunity to date a beauty blogger.

And why not? Find out some of the many reasons why:

 Free Makeover
Bring your sister or your mom and you get an instant hair or makeup in a snap of a finger. Tipid ka pa! (Translation: Cost saving, dude!)

Instant beauty (or macho) tips and that include you. 
Our knowledge is beyond the usual makeup and hair beauty tips, we are also equipped with some handy skin care tips for you.

We take good care of ourselves so most likely, we’ll do a good job in taking care of you. 
While most men would claim they like women with very few makeup or none at all, we take pride in looking good as it is a reflection that taking good care of ourselves does not only equate with putting all what’s in our makeup kit. After all, we try to look classy not trashy, okay?

We are keen observers. 
We like to take notes, we remember your birthday, and yes we remember them all. That’s because we appreciate beauty in every form, and that includes the most important dates in our lives and even yours (so cheesy I know, lol)

We take risks. 
Yes- we do that all the time. Shelling out our moolah into something unknown not knowing whether these products will work for us or not. In life, we need risks to shaken us a little bit. No risk means B-O-R-I-N-G!

Here’s one vivid scenario in my mind:

You (my guy) and I (the beauty blogger) inside the makeup counter:

While trying on some lippie:

Me: “How does it look on me?”
You: “You look perfect, dear.”
Me: “How about this?”
You: “That one looks great on you, too!”

Then all of a sudden the sales attendant remarks: “Sir, you have a very pretty girlfriend. You are so lucky.”

La- la- la- la ♫ ♫ ♫!

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