REVISITED | Muji Makeup Base SPF 19 PA++ Review

December 20, 2012

Oh and I have a new discovery! And I am very excited to tell you all about it. I just discovered something I like from a brand called MUJI.

Ladies-- meet Muji Makeup Base SPF 19 PA++!

Okay, REWIND: I was malling at the Power Plant Mall with my BFF Marcy when we decided to check out what to see at the MUJI Store. 

To those who are unfamiliar, Muji is a Japanese store which just recently opened in Manila . Okay, here’s a little history about Muji:

Muji products came into being in the early 1980's as a result of a new mood, calling for a return to simplicity in daily life. Our aim was - and still is - to provide our customers all over the world with the fundamental things they need to live a busy, modern, urban lifestyle. These things must be made from good, sound materials, with no unnecessary frills or fancies and must sell at a reasonable price. Our clothes must feel good on, our stationery must be practical and our household goods must be easy to use. This may seem elementary but it has always been a primary goal to ensure that Muji customers should never pay for what they can't use - i.e. added extras and fancy packaging. So, at Muji you'll find no excessive prices, just simple, sound products you can afford, so simple in fact, they don't even carry a brand name. This is in direct contrast to the usual marketing ploy of producing heavily branded, expensively designed, over packaged goods.

I’d like to think Muji is a minimalist entrepreneur wanting only to provide basic and yet quality products which are reasonably priced.

Now going back to my newest discovery, that’s how I came across the Muji Makeup Base SPF 19 PA++++ . You do know how much I always want to have multi-functioning products. This one promises two products in one: makeup base plus SPF.

Me Says:

SPF 19 to boot.
 I’d say, amen to that! You need not worry about the harsh effects of that dreaded sunshine.

Easily absorbed by my skin.
 I am surprised that it was absorbed easily because in my experience, only the healing properties of a Moroccan Argan oil can beat me to it.

Spread minimally. 
You don’t need a lot. I’d say take half a dot of a peso coin. Then place small dots in the four corners of your face. Blend with a brush or a finger.

No weird smell. 

Reasonably priced. 
It’s a yes for me because for Php 425, I get a makeup base and an SPF in one.

Makes my powder lasts. 
It does work, really. Even if I have oily skin.


English translation please. 
This broke my heart, I need someone to tell me what I am buying so a translation would really be helpful.

Overall Verdict: 

4.5 Lipsticks

I am happy with this 2-in-one product. Albeit the translation issue, I would repurchase.

Buy Again: Yes, sure!

Miss J

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  1. I've seen this! Have you tried their other cosmetics? :)

    1. Hi CJ- no this is the first makeup I bought from Muji. My only complain is that they are quite pricey and you don't really know if they work most of the time:)