REVISITED | The Digiperm Experience @ Status Hair Salon Review

June 28, 2012

Okay ladies, by now you do all know I've been perm-ed twice. My very first perm was courtesy of Mr. Shin’s Beauty Brick Studio and the second attempt a year after was courtesy of Mr. Kim in 2011(who incidentally passed away last year  according my friend. RIP, Mr. Kim) both located in Makati.

To compare, Beauty Brick (Php 3,200+)  is more posh than that of Mr. Kim’s (Php 1500+). Also the service is waaaaay better in Beauty Brick. The attendants were more attentive compared to the not-so friendly girls of Mr. Kim.

So more than a year after my last perm, I badly needed one as the curls have loosen up already (I was born with straight hair)! But then I was afraid how much more damage it can cause to my brittle hair since my strands are so fine as if they are the hairs of a 12-year-old girl. My hair is flat and straight but soooo boring thus the decision to get a perm.

About 2 weeks ago, I was busy coupon-ing (i.e. the art of buying in group buying sites) and saw this deal from Ensogo (Php 1599 for either Rebond or Digiperm services at Status Hair Salon in Robinson’s Galleria). I read a couple of reviews for Status Hair Salon but not much really turned out online but then  I thought, what the heck.

I was murmuring to myself, I might as well buy this, since it's easier to go to Robinson's Galleria rather than some salon in QC or Paranaque being offered in other group buying sites. So there- I just found myself buying one.

When I called up the salon, I was told that the earliest date they can book me will be on July 7. Hmmm… That’s a long time. Not surrendering, I asked again: “When is the earliest date available?” The girl said: “Maam, tomorrow at 2pm.”

Me thinking: “Say yes, say yes!”. So I agreed and then just like that it was booked.

The next day, I was there at exactly 2pm and I politely asked the girl if there are any other fees to be paid aside from the coupon I bought. I was told, if my stylist Mar* would decide to cut my hair, then I would add  about Php 350.00 Good thing I asked.

Me Says:
  • They are well trained, professional stylists (kudos to Mar* and Jigs*)
  •  Very punctual in my 2pm appointment
  •  Not too ma-chika (translation: they are not too talkative ) and instead focused on what they are doing
  • They use excellent products for perming (I saw it with my eyes, not the cheap ones!)
  • The salon is organized, clean and not too crowded
  •  Mar keeps on checking/ updating me with the perming process which is a good thing
  • They offered me a Samsung tablet (wow!) to play around while perming my hair
  •  Mar was never persistent for any any “upsell” (i.e. extra services ) except just asked me if I am willing to color my hair roots but I politely declined
  • None so far! (though I wish they have included the haircut in the promo, lol!)
Just an anecdote though: Jigs* (the 2nd staff assisting me, who works under Mar) may have been a little pushy to try their hair product (which can be applied on a daily basis to maintain the perm) but the trick is to just politely decline the offer. After the 2nd attempt, he stopped, so I’m still impressed that he is not like the regular staff from your neighbourhood salon wherein as if they wanna sell to you the entire salon and offering all their services which is a major turn off for me.

Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

Some tips while at the salon:
  •  Ask for any additional fees before you agree to any service with your coupon
  •  Just be polite and decline any offer for upsell, if any
  •  Tipping  is encouraged though not required. I gave them both tips as I seem to be happy with the results.
Overall, this salon is mid-range for me. They are not your typical salon which gives you a haircut for Php50.00. But for the services they give and the results, I am very satisfied plus the fact that they gave me a slot earlier than what I expected. A typical digiperm at Status Hair Salon costs around Php 4,500.00 on regular price so the Ensogo voucher was a delight! Mar & Jigs are flexible, professional and provide excellent hair services. Hurray to that!

My friends commented how they love my hair, weeee! I really like this perm more than the perm I got from Beauty Brick Salon!

Try Again: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Hopefully Ensogo brings us another hair services promo from them, hihihi! I will for sure grab one again!

And oppppssss! Before I forget, here's the final result of my digiperm-ed hair from Status Hair Salon!

Beach waves, anyone? | Photo by Ros

Thank you Status Hair Salon! One happy client here:)

Check out Status Hair Salon's Facebook page here! They are located at the Lower Ground Floor Robinsons Galleria Edsa Corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City.

Miss J

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  1. Saw this deal also. My problem is I'm on my transition period (regrowth of curly hair). I have a natural curly hair and rebonded it every 6 months. I'm tired of rebonding so I want to try digi perm.But I'm afraid they will not accept my hair, though I'm tempted to buy this deal huhu

  2. Can I just go there and avail the 1599 promo?

    1. I'm afraid not! Their promos are usually from
      Group buying sites such as Ensogo, etc.