RANDOM SPOTTING | On Dieting, Behaviors and Being Pretty

June 30, 2012

WARNING: If you are looking for another makeup review, stop reading the post below!

I was at work when one colleague told me she thinks I am losing weight! Of course it was like music to my ears. Well, I am NOT dieting! If ever I am losing weight, it probably is because of stress and working too much. But so far, I don't think I am losing weight (sigh)!

I won’t deny the fact that I had my share of dieting moments especially during college years but at this point in life where I earn my own money and can afford pretty much what I like, food is a source of inspiration (okay, no pun intended!).

In the Philippines , being fat is like a curse—which translates to not being able to wear trendy clothes, get the best attention from the boys or men, or feeling good about yourself. Today’s society is harsh to those who are full figured and media has contributed a lot to this notion. The idea that ONLY skinny girls get the good swag (excuse my slang) has become notorious everywhere,

Which brings me to my next question as I write this evaluation: Does this notion impacts me as a full-figured woman? The answers are  Yes and NO.

Let me elaborate when I picked both answers. Or better yet, let me give you the reasons why:

Why I answered YES!
  •  Obviously I cannot fit into some of my fave brands in some styles I really like (booo)
  • In dating, men are still traditional as majority still dig the skinny chick
  • Discrimination is very much alive, from getting the same treatment from everyone else and not getting what full-figured women deserve

Why I answered NO!
  • I only shop in shops which carries my size and there are a lot, mind you
  • In dating, there are still men who prefer some girls with “meat” so my take is to never despair. You just got to find one who prefers the extra pounds in their ladies:)
  • Good thing I got my confidence intact (they are made of steel, mind you)
The idea is this: "If you allow yourself to be consumed by self pity, this world will never be pretty for you. You have to love yourself in the event that no one will. Find something you really really like doing and be good at it. Give that cheeky guy a shy smile next time you see him. Give him that sense of feeling that you are “open” and yet careful to invite only people who deserve to be in your life."

My confidence, even if I think is made of steel sometimes disappoints me. But that's the beauty of having a worthy self image. You can always be resilient and come back even stronger whenever it falters.

There are more ways to be happy than being sad. So if people constantly tease you about your weight or how you look, just let them be. After all, one can never buy class so you just got to forgive some along the way. And if they are mean to you, they probably just hate themselves after all.

And before I end this post, please allow me to share to you a very nice note written by my good friend Kate Montecarlo  which she posted in Facebook (we used to work in some international bank before) regarding people's behavior(s).

And I quote:

"Bitterness within can be detected no matter how we hide it, regardless of the grandstanding we do. What's rotten inside will always be manifested outside (somehow, sometime, anytime).

You will know the misery inside of a person by the way he/she makes the life of others miserable. Seeing others suffer, relieve him/her from that repressed pain buried by our built-in defense mechanism- the subconscious says, "you are not alone", "this is the pain you feel".

Those who torture are those who were tortured at some point in their lives. Those who want to control were once controlled, did not have freedom, were oppressed, never received recognition in their childhood lives. Behaviors don't lie.

Our childhood history is revealed by the way we act and deal with things around us now. We can't hide ourselves from ourselves cause who we are has been revealed to the world. That's why sometimes, no matter how we pretend to be saint, no one like us. Because again, it's revealed through our actions.

Who we are is the product of what we were in our childhood years."

Miss J

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