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June 03, 2012

Oh wow, we made it to the Bloggers United 3 last Saturday despite the not-so-kind weather.

Some of you may have remembered that I blogged about the 3rd Bloggers United Bazaar here.

It was a gathering of fashionable people in the metro and though the place was a little small IMHO, it was very eventful as we were able to meet some of our favorite bloggers. And oh, the highlights:

  • Meeting fashion blogger Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog. Oh my she's a doll! Very pretty and uber nice.
  • Meeting one of my fave beauty bloggers, Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity. Ms. Liz is definitely one of the nicest bloggers I've ever met. I remembered her being pretty, nice and charming. In fact, she was eating when I came to Pinkbox's booth but was very kind to accommodate me. I told her I've been a fan for a loooooong time and it was so surreal to meet her. When she asked me about my name and I told her I also have a blog called "The Red Lippie Adventures", I was sooooo surprised when she told me she was able to check my blog before! OMG! I just love her:). 

I was with Call Me Kristine and Maya (blog in the works, right Maya, hihihi!). 
Ms. J, Tin & Maya
And of course, I went home with this cutie patootie from Pinkbox:

Necklace, Php 299 @ 10% discount
Despite the rain last Saturday, we had a blast!

Hoping to see you all in the next Bloggers United event!

Miss J

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  1. Thank you so much for supporting bloggers united! :))

  2. You're welcome Anagon:)... Looking forward to the next Blogger's United event!