REVISITED | Palgantong Theatrical Powder

June 02, 2012

 A real chic girl can't have too many powders! And so I have more reasons to try this loose powder I'd been eyeing since last year. Introducing----> Palgantong Theatrical Powder (Php 600.00 for 10g)!

I kept on looking for product description given the fact that all is written in Korean/ Japanese but so far here's what I've gathered from Sasa:

"Palgantong Theatrical powder from Korea is make up of Ceramin ingredient from UK. The size of particles is just half as the other particles. It reflects more light from your skin to even the tone with natural appearance. Thin and comfortable, brighten your skin just like Movie Star. So, it is also called “Star Powder” in Japan and Korea. Over these 10 years, this powder is commonly used in Korean Movies, TV programme and drama. Over 5,000,000 powder were sold in Japan, as No.1 loose powder in Japan. "

Oh wow, reminds me of Eshiko powder which I reviewed here. I got this powder from Digital Traincase, an online seller. I would usually buy this from their multiply site.

Well, I am aiming to use this powder to set my foundation as an alternate to my other powders. This leaves a natural sheer finish!

Me Says
  • Very nice packaging (thumbs up!)
  • Comes with a mirror and a sponge
  • Sheer finish and lightweight on the skin
  • The finish is smooth and matte 
  • No unusual smell
  • No breakouts for me

  • Light Beige is not an exact match for my skin tone (the original beige is out of stock) though this does not make me look too white
  • Oil control isn't as convincingly good but tolerable (think dewy!)
  • Ingredients not listed so beware ladies if you have sensitive skin
  • Not available locally

Overall Verdict:

4.0 Lipsticks

This is a good setting powder and I am convinced that this can substitute for my other powders! If you have clear and blemish free skin, this would work perfectly for you because this is so lightweight as if you are not wearing anything.

TIP: You need to make sure your face is moisturized and during retouch, remove excess oil prior to application or else this shall "cake".

Buy again? YES!

Miss J

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