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June 01, 2012

Whenever I listen to Chico & Delamar every morning (RX 93.1), it always reminds me of my first job! I was 20, fresh from the farm ...errrrr... young, sweet, and the list goes on and on... haha!

My friends at work from my very first job listened to The Morning Rush without a fail since I started working there. And so for the first two years of my corporate humble beginnings, they were constant companion in the morning. I like Del when she giggles and Chico obviously is the "antagonist" in Del's perfect life (peace, Chico, hihi!). And now with the uber cutie Ginoboi, this threesome is always a delight in the morning radiolandia!

The Morning Rush Top 10 is always a riot, even now, many years later since I started listening to them, I always end up laughing like crazy with my headset on (my seatmate maybe thinks I am psycho!).

So when the book came, it was not a surprise to hit the number#1 spot!

National BookStore, Php 175.00

If you are looking for a good time or simply just a laugh, don't miss this book! I almost died laughing, harharhar!

From the book's teaser this was written:

"From the worst ways to ask someone out on a date ("Teh, date tayo!" to statements that make you want to go, "Ano daw?" (I don't give a DUMB!"), etc.

So what is the top reason why you should buy this book?

ANSWER: It will change your life forever.
Warning: No approved therapeutic claims.

Happy reading Rushers!

Miss J

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  1. read the book and enjoyed all of it!!! they still have "it",... and while reading thru it,i can imagine dhel's giggles and chico's dramatic delivery of the lines...haha...