REVISITED | Dove White Beauty/ Moisturizing Bar Soap

June 06, 2012

If there is one soap I've been using since time immemorial and deserves the limelight, its has to be the Dove White Beauty/ Moisturizing Bar Soap. 

Thanks to my mom who has been buying this soap since I was about 10 or 12 years old.

The first time I used this soap, I never appreciated the fact that it felt so moisturizing I often wondered whether I washed away all traces of soap whenever I use this. And so when I became older, I used this sporadically but always find myself going back. Here;s why:

Me Says:

  • Smells amazing
  • Contains 1/4 moisturizer so it won't dry your skin
  • Leaves my skin smooth and moisturized
  • I used this for my face leaving my oily skin still moisturized and not ripping away essential oils
  • Does not clog my pores
  • Inexpensive for less than Php 80.00
  • My all around soap, from my face, body and even to the most delicate part of a woman's anatomy (ehem...)
  • N-O-T-H-I-N G!
Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

Whenever I travel, I need not take with me a separate facial wash, feminine wash or body soap because I know that I can use this everywhere in my body. Talk about CONVENIENCE!

If you have not even tried this soap, I can't stress enough how much you are missing.

I just love, love Dove!  The name "Dove" fits it to a T. It's a symbol of purity and excellence! A real chic girl can't have too many Dove bar soaps in handy.

Hands down to my fave soap of all time. You deserve all the praises.

Buy again: YES, YES, YES!

Miss J

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