SHOPPING SPOTTING | Uniqlo Grand Opening Day in Manila (June 15)

June 15, 2012

OMG! This is not the queue for the latest Bella-Edward (read: Twilight) movie! This is what we saw in the opening day of the very first UNIQLO store in Mall of Asia (MOA) today! We just couldn't believe this number of people lining up in front of my eyes just to get a glimpse of the famous Japanese store. I almost had some nervous breakdown, lol.

Sabi nga nila, daig pa ang pila ng NFA rice! 

The line was extremely loooooong it didn't even fit the lens of my Iphone, lol!

My advice? Come shop on Monday... Maybe you'll have a better chance!

Congratulations UNIQLO! And happy shopping guys!

Miss J

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