REVISITED | AVON Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base Review

June 04, 2012

During lazy days, I use tinted moisturizers/ base. This is also a good time to stop putting on too much makeup on our faces and let them breathe for a while. Now let's look at what I have in my bucket so far.

AVON Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base
Php 500+ (but I could have purchased this on sale so perhaps I paid Php 300+ on this baby. Sorry I've been too irresponsible in tracking how much moolah I spent).

  1. Pink Pearl (corrects dullness & enhances skin clarity)***
  2. Mint (evens out skin tone)
*** What I purchased

Pink Pearl Shade
As per the label, it makes your foundation more effective by preventing creasing and fading. Makes your pressed powder more effective by preventing caking.

Me Says:
  • Brightens my complexion
  • 25ml for its price
  • No weird smell. It has a very tiny kind-of smell but could not pinpoint what is it
  • Makes foundation my foundie glides on smoothly
  • No caking
  • Inexpensive
  • Oil-control was a fail (as always, it's been my issue ever since)
  • The Pink Pearl shade does not match me to a "T" but when blended it looks okay. 
  • No SPF
  • A little sticky for my liking
Overall Verdict:

3.5 Lipsticks

I am rating this as such only because my skin type does not match this product but I heard that other girls are raving about this product. I think those with normal to dry skin may appreciate this baby better. I am hoping I can try the other shade (Mint) to see how it goes.

Tip: If you are buying the Pink Pearl shade, make sure to squeeze a pea-size amount as a little amount goes a long way. If you need more, then you can add as you go along.

Buy Again: Yes, but I want to try the other shade, MINT!

Have you tried this product yet? Please share your experience!

Miss J

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