REVISITED | Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

June 10, 2012

Oh I just hate it when my lips are chapped or cracked. Major disappointment hahaha... And of course it's not a good way to meet the boys (arte much!)  while you are sporting chapped lips noh?

I tried a number of lip balms but so far today, I am going to talk about the one which really worked for me the best. Now--I am talking about Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm!

Product Description:

Carmex adds natural emollients to your lips, while locking in your own body's moisture to help protect against chapping and cracking. Lanolin, for example, is a natural substance that locks in moisture. The lanolin in Carmex is easily absorbed into the delicate skin of your lips, where it provides a temporary barrier against the drying effects of wind, heat and cold.

Me Says:
  • I love the smell of this balm (I am guessing vanilla-ish + menthol)
  • Overnight application can repair your lips (I swear!)
  • Made my lips super moisturized and soft
  • A little amount is all I need to bring my lips to life 
  • Inexpensive for less than Php 100.00
  • You may experience a little tingling sensation but does not bother me at all
Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

I really swear by this product! I used to apply petroleum jelly in my lips and yes, it helps in moisturizing my lips but I don't think it does aid in "repairing" the damage caused by the evaporation of moisture. But anyhow, I use petroleum jelly whenever I don't have Carmex with me.

Be ready for some "lip action" after putting on your Carmex! If you are going to love it, and so is the boyfie I'm sure!

Buy Again: Yes, Yes, Yes! 

Miss J

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