June 24, 2012

I have been going on through tough times these days! The reason? My eye bags are going crazy! Blame it on being irresponsible in sleeping on time plus stress! So if before I don't use concealer a lot, now I feel the urge to find the perfect one.

Hmmm... I guess I need to stop looking now. I think I found it in ARTDECO Perfect Stick in 05 (Php 550.00 in all Beauty Bar stores).

I knew of ArtDeco from my fave makeup bloggers and since they have recently made a "comeback" in the Philippines, I feel it's the right time to review it. I am loving this brand so far so I intend to invest on them in the coming days. ArtDeco's products are made in Germany, mind you. And if you are a true blooded makeup junkie, you should know that German-made cosmetics are worth your moolah!

Product Description:

The sticks are antiseptic and the soft consistency feels pleasant on the skin. Very easy to apply and distribute.

Me Says:
  • Excellent coverage for my eye bags
  • Evened out dark areas of my eyes
  • Long Lasting
  • The Lipstick style packaging works for me since I need not use a separate brush to apply it. I just apply it directly in my under eye area
  • The 05 shade fits me perfectly
  • The Php 550 price tag for me is a plus since some excellent concealers are priced at Php 1,000+ 
  • Not that smooth when applied but the trick is to just continue applying it until you are able to build up the right amount
  • Not that too many shades available (I only saw about 3 in the counter)
Sorry about the blurry pics but you should see the difference when the product is blended properly.

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

I am really loving this product. The stick will last you a looooong time. It is now my fave concealer so far!

Buy Again: Hell, YES!

Miss J

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