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June 22, 2012

When was the last time you received an actual letter or a post card (not bills, okay?) from the mail? As for me, it has been ages! I don’t actually remember who was the last person who sent me one!

While growing up, I remember writing letters to friends even overseas. I would feel so excited waiting for the mailman to come to our house handing me these letters. I can’t explain the joy but long before computers and cell phones were a hit, I was enjoying writing, going to the post office, then waiting for this person’s response. Then you gotta write them back! What a vicious cycle!

The truth is, I just miss getting letters of this kind. One which is more personalized because this person actually took time to write a letter and going to the post office.

So when B* told me about the series of travelling plans starting last April, a deal was made:  Must send me a post card for each city.

So after noting my address, I prayed B will remember the post card project.

B’s first destination was Dubai but after spending about 6 days there, B didn’t have time to write me one post card (grrrrrr!). Then after few days, B flew to Zagreb in Croatia which is by the way in Europe . Then one day, I got this from the mail.

Post Card all the way from Zagreb!
Wow! Amazing!

When we are all caught up by technology, it is still nice to get something like this. So old schooled. Feels like yesterday. And I absolutely love every minute of it.

Thank you, B!  I am still waiting for one post card (the last city in your travel destination). You said I should be getting it in few days!

I made a vow to do this for my friends too  if I am travelling. So if you are like me who wants to be feeling so vintage-y and wants to be included in my Post Card Project, better be nice to me.

Otherwise, you ain’t going to get any post card from moi!

Miss J

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  1. Thank you Marie! And thanks for reading. Looking forward to meet you one day!