SHOE SPOTTING | Theredlippie Meets Payless Red Pumps

June 01, 2012

Pumps by Prediction
Payless, Glorietta

Question: How did a type of shoe come to be called a “pump”?

Answer: Legend says it's called ‘pump’ because in the early days of motor cars, all the gas station attendants were female since men were being considered unsuitable for the job because they smoked cigars. These female pump attendants supposedly all had to wear special shoes called ‘pumps’ that were designed not to slip on oily pavement.

I was always on the lookout of red pumps because I never had one. I have red wedges, yes! But never red pumps! So when I saw this cutie patootie red pumps, the very last stock in my size, I knew she has to be the one.

Interested in rocking the red pumps? Here's how I do it:

  • Leave the rest of your clothing simple and should be no more than one color (dark greys, black or white). 
  • Wear it with your knee length skirt or pair with your fave jeans.
  • Flaunt your red shoes. Either peek-a-boo to show off your toes or simply closed pumps with that bright color as an accent.
I got my red pumps at Payless Shoe Source (my fave shoe shop besides Schu) at Glorietta, Makati.

Remember that today is always a reason to wear RED!

Miss J

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  1. Wow, love to have one too.

  2. Hi Maricel- check out Payless stores, they have wide selections! And not too pricey, IMHO!