Jolly- to most of her friends, blog as a hobby. She's currently NC35 if you know what it means.

She is curvy*(sizes 12-14), eats and breathes makeup as much as she can. She's your ordinary corporate slave on weekdays and not your ordinary girl everyday! She speaks her mind, got spunk and while she thinks she has all the patience in the world, her Persian cat thinks otherwise (okay- she's a work in progress).

She likes to shop but always messes up her closet each morning as if she has nothing to wear. She loves red lippie and anything vintage-y. She also owns a number of shoes which her mom used to abhor (her Mom thinks she can't eat them when she's starving!).

She is self taught MUA  and a lurker on Youtube, beauty blogs and the like. She loves books and traveling while being curious about people she meets along the way.

All products are purchased by her and she owns all photos in this blog unless stated otherwise.

Please leave a comment. She'd love to read all of them!

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