My Thirty Before Thirty Something List in 2013

December 23, 2012

Well, I must have been quiet lately, but yes, I have turned a year older this December. My friends would always conclude that if I get too quiet, that means I am happy hehehe. Am I?

And yes, I am in my early thirties (boooo!). Now since last year, I’ve been tempted to write my thirty before thirty something birthday to-do list.
It's never too late to learn surfing, eh?

So far, here is a list I’ve came up with:

  1. Visit Europe ( Italy , Greece , etc.)
  2. Visit Middle East
  3. Learn how to dance Tango (eeeeeeewwwwww…. Okay, I do know how to dance Cha cha for your private entertainment) or swing
  4. Travel to at least 5 new destinations within the Philippines
  5. Get a condo (or a house) of my own
  6. Visit Dad more often
  7. Learn how to surf (I have an idea where to start). Click here.
  8. Meet new friends (and ditch those who are getting into my nerves, lol)
  9. Spend more time with my nephews and nieces
  10. Visit my mom (well she’s in heaven, so I mean cemetery, dude!) more often
  11. Date a sensible, responsible, generous and cute guy more often (applications are almost closing:D)
  12. Visit Bali , Indonesia (again!)
  13. Visit Beijing , China (again!)
  14. Sleep more often
  15. Be more patient (super guilty of not being, lately. Signs of old aging, eh?)
  16. Write a lot. And I mean a lot.
  17. Smile all the time (even when it hurts. Naks.)
  18. Visit Australia (wishful thinking!)
  19. Take an airbrush makeup class (I’ve been neglecting this)
  20. Accept more shoots/ makeup gigs
  21. Be frugal and resist to shop when I don’t have to (oh this is killing me!)
  22. Date a complete stranger (why not)
  23. Or maybe kiss a stranger? (oh the fun starts now!)
  24. Visit Seoul , Korea (again!)
  25. Love more often!
  26. Learn a new sport
  27. Try mountain hiking
  28. Or wall climbing
  29. Visit Tawi Tawi or Batanes (oh I am so curious what to see!)
  30. Be more organized (ouch!)

I have to stop at 30 otherwise I’ll reveal how old I am hihihihi! Though I am not bothered, I still believe that there is fun in mystery (not misery, okay?).

I’ll revisit this everytime I get to tick off one in this list. I am not really sure if I can do all of these but then, no matter, where is your sense of adventure?

Miss J

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