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May 25, 2012

Happy Friday Bellas!

Today's review is brought to you by Skin Food! I am talking about the Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish in 01 shade! And oh, let me back up a little....

I first knew this Korean cosmetic brand from beauty bloggers abroad I used to follow. When Blemish Balm (BB) creams were on their rise of becoming famous all over the world, I was always wondering when I can get hold of these Korean cosmetics. When the first Manila Skin Food shop opened, prices were sky high (even up to now) so obviously, it wasn't a good idea to shell my hard earned money on these babies.

In 2010, I had the chance to visit Seoul! And what a lovely holiday it was! It was indeed a piece of heaven for a makeup junkie like me.

Etude House , Seoul. There wasn't a single EH store I think in Manila back then.
One of my loots from Seoul

I picked up the  Skin Food All Over Muffin Cake Finish because I was looking for highlighters! It is a very unique finish powder highlighter blended with three different marbled colors in natural, subtle shimmer gold and pale pink to create a super dazzling hint of glow on your skin. The pale colors add hints of shimmering while the pink color provides a radiant finish. And oh, it also has a delectable fruity scent to it! I don't find it  glittery at all but has just the right amount of  shimmer which does not "scream" unless you hit the lights which is very flattering.

 Me Says:

  • Subtle, just the right shimmer for instant glow
  • Comes with a brush inside
  • Lights up my skintone in an instant
  • Huge 14g worth of product
  • Affordable (if bought in Seoul. I bought this for about Php350+ but this costs around Php 1,200 if bought in Skin Food stores here in Manila)

  • You need to add more to build up the product; it is not too pigmented
  • The packaging is somewhat huge, I ended up leaving it at home (I'm trying to pack light, you know)
Overall Verdict:

4.00 Lipsticks

If you are looking for an instant glow which is subtle and "barely there", this is worth your buck. I suggest you ask someone who is visiting Seoul to get you this baby if you wanna save some moolah. Otherwise, go ahead, break your wallet and get this product! At least I got to warn you:)

Come on, give yourself some Korean lovin!

Miss J

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