PHILLIP PHILLIPS VS JESSICA SANCHEZ | An Open Letter to Phillip Phillips

May 25, 2012

Author's Note: I had my heart broken after P2 won the finals (sob!). But then, we should give it to the man-- I mean he probably has worked  hard to be where he is right now. I am sure Phillip deserves the title equally as Jessica, but America has spoken and we should respect that.

Dear Phillip,

Congratulations for winning the AI title! I always thought you are gorgeous and oh, such a great smile you have there. But can you allow me to be a little honest? Hmmm...because when you sing, you look kinda odd (only because your gorgeous face becomes not-so-gorgeous anymore) but I still think you're uber cute <blushing>.

 I was cheering for Jessica and so are the rest of Filipinos all over the world. For a small country like ours, a small girl being pitted against an American like you is such an honor. But last night, you were just the better man on  the stage. You both had your shining moments but obviously yours was a lot shinier and bigger. We were just too in love with Jessica to deny and notice that.

I honestly think both of you will have great singing careers! You are both talented in your own unique way. You will both go places.

I am starting to like you because you have shown great humility and class just like Jessica. And when you started shedding some tears after the announcement and hugged your parents, I felt that you really deserve it.

I just have one small request when you become famous if that's okay. Please don't forget that at one point in your life, there was this girl called Jessica Sanchez who challenged you to sing better than anyone else.

Best of luck to you, Phillip and to Jessica as well. Stay as gorgeous as you are:)

Miss J

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