THE FACE OFF SERIES | Fashion 21 Eyeliner vs Nichido Auto Liner

May 18, 2012

NEWSFLASH: I think I found  a local dupe of my Revlon ColorStay Eyeliner which was my fave for a looong time. I like to think that Pinay beauty bloggers should not forget to check out our local makeup scene as I am sure there are great products just waiting to be discovered out there! An example is my review of Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow here.

Oh emgee--- I am feeling so excited to talk about eyeliners, don't you notice? Fashion 21 and Nichido are both local products you can find in your local beauty stores (SM, Landmark, etc).


Nichido Auto Liner in Black or Brown (Php 60.00)

Fashion 21 Eyeliner in Black (Php 89+)

The Swatches:

I honestly tried to find good things to say about the Fashion 21 eyeliner which costs Php 89.00 but then I had problems with this product. First of all, the product broke on me in just one swipe:(

The Nichido however remained soft, pigmented and most of all, it costs only Php 60.00!!!!! Such a steal!

I suggest you ladies get one brown & black shades of the Nichido Eyeliner. I use the brown shade for everyday use while the black can be used for night out which I alternate with my Snoe Eye Boop Eyeliner whenever I need a black liner which I reviewed here.

WINNER: Nichido Auto Liner (5 Lipsticks)

Hands down to you Nichido! You just proved that beauty need not cost us an arm and a leg:)

Miss J

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  1. Wow, I'm an eyeliner junkie and the Nichido liner looks so pigmented for P60! The F21's swatch looks disappointing. Hitting Watson's tomorrow for this liner. Thank you! :)

  2. Hi Eunic, yes it was really pigmented and soft just like my revlon Colorstay eyeliner. Maybe not as "goodlooking" as Revlon, the fact that the color was solid and it did what it is supposed to do, I am very happy. Well, aside from the fact that it super cheap for Php60.

    Hope it turns out well for you.

    Bdw- nice blog and i shall follow you back:). Thanks for visiting.

    Miss J