My Sexy Revolution Starts NOW

May 14, 2012

What do you think about dieting? I think it's cool until you realize that it isn't easy. I've been called plus size, overweight, fat, chubby, or plump and while it stings a bit to hear comments such as those, I think I have already come to terms with my own self a long time ago.

Okay- I am size 12 or 14 which I blogged here. It's never easy to tell the whole world what size you're in but times are changing and the recent influx of body acceptance blogs had more positive impact on how I feel about dieting.

Sometime ago, I wrote this in my blog:

I'm not ashamed of being full figured, chubby, fat or how you may call it. In fact, I've come to terms with it a long time ago. If I am going to tell you about my story, you'd know that like most of us, I've had my share of personal struggles being in a society where the skinniest people seem to appeal more. And media has contributed much to this concept that sexy= skinny. I mean, can't everyone be sexy in any size, come on!

I wear a size 10, 12 or 14, but in sunny Manila, that is considered FAT! Whaaaaaat? !$$@T*(@)@)@)@!

But I have always been this size for a long time now and no matter how much I eat, I never grew bigger. Or if I eat less, I'd be lighter. Genetics and a lot more factors can explain this, okay? So please stop giving us that strange look and tell us we can't be a supermodel because this is 2012 and honey-  frankly speaking, you have  the smallest piece of brain that you can't even find it.

In college, while struggling with my weight issues (teenagers crave for boys' attention, you know), I designed my own diet. I stopped eating rice and instead ate bread then drank coffee after (because I read somewhere it speeds up our metabolism). I was successful for while but then during class, I struggled mentally and could not concentrate. I was feeling weak all the time and had no energy to do other activities.  My skin became dry and some flab from my arms were unattractive. Mom eventually said I had to stop or else my IQ would deteriorate permanently.

Now that I am much older and has finally came to terms with my own body, I can say that before we all start losing weight, we should ask ourselves first whether what compels us to do so. Because in the end, it is how we look at ourselves and our positive outlook which give us that radiant glow from inside. Life is a celebration itself so make sure you get one:)

So go ahead, indulge in that piece of chocolate cake once in a while because it's time for every woman to celebrate, not just the skinny ones!

PS: Okay, maybe I need some help to lose a little of my tummy but can't I be chubby and yet sport a flat tummy so I would look better in bikinis? Or lose that extra flab in my arms so I can start wearing sleeveless all year round? But hey, it's never a reason for me not to wear one, hehehe..

Or perhaps Sexy Solutions by Belo can help me, what do you think?


Miss J

NOTE: This post is my entry for the "My Sexy Revolution Starts NOW" contest by Sexy Solutions by Belo.

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