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May 17, 2012

Ciao Bellas!

You might have remembered how I adore Snoe's products which I have reviewed here and here. Today, I am going to share about my experience on another Snoe product, the Snoe Eye Boop Precision Liquid Liner.

Where to buy: Cinderella, Glorietta, Makati City
Price: Php 119.00

I never liked eyeliners before especially liquid eyeliner because you need an expert hand to master the technique of applying this. I got used to using retractable eyeliners or eye pencils to define my small eyes. So when I chanced upon this product, I didn't have to think twice.

Me Says:

- Super matte and pigmented color (Black)
- The tip is harder that the usual eyeliners so this is a good investment for beginners
- Dries up easily
- Smudge proof and waterproof
- Can easily be removed by a makeup remover
- Super affordable for Php 119.00
- No chemical smell


- The tip can be a disadvantage being hard as this may poke your eyes accidentally (just be careful)
- Ingredients not listed (I take pride that Snoe makes organic Pinoy products and makes me proud, eh)

Overall Verdict:

4.0 Lipsticks

This is an affordable eyeliner for everyone. To be honest, I don't like to shell out over Php 500 for an eyeliner because I know I can find a reasonable product in no time less than that. I think this eyeliner is superb in quality for its price.

Next in my Snoe list: Emuthology Concentrate

Miss J

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  1. i once have this eyeliner but realize that this is like a repacked Hen Fan eyeliner which can be bought in quiapo for 25 pesos. the packaging is very similar except for the name

    1. Awwww-- It worked for me so if this is a repacked eyeliner from Quiapo and that is indeed true, it would for sure break my heart:(. Maybe I can ask Snoe's owners about this. Thanks for visiting and letting us know.

      Miss J

    2. im very curious, if someone can compare the hen fan eyeliner and this one, because what i think is they might have the same packaing supplier (w/c is from China) does not necessarily means its re-packaged. because some stuff out there have same packaging but the prods inside are completely different
      or as u said it might be repacked hmmm *detective mode*

  2. Hello Aimee-- I've been trying to get this done by asking the Snoe Owners because I follow them in Twitter. If I get a response I shall for sure let you know, pretty girl:)

  3. I tried this out at one of their stalls and didn't like it at all! The brush was my main problem. I hate hard/stiff liner brushes because you'll end up tugging on your lid to apply it properly and thinly, especially since not everyone has perfect and smooth eyelids...

  4. Hello Ari- yes I must admit the brush is stiff. And you're right you might end up tugging your lid to perfect the line. Some friends though like this because the brush is stiff and they can easily perfect a line. So I guess it's not bad for newbies learning how to go about using an eyeliner.

    Bdw, thanks for visiting. I appreciate it:)