May 23, 2012

Author's Note: The following is a repost from my former boss, MO Nadya on how to vote for our very own Jessica Sanchez on American Idol.

LATEST UPDATE: For the American Idol Finale (Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips), the show will be broadcasted on a Wednesday, May 23 (PH) instead of the usual Thursday. So voting will be on Wednesday here in the Philippines and the final results show will be on Thursday, May 24 in the Philippines.

VOTING TIME: WEDNESDAY, (Philippines) 9 AM – 3 PM

Here's how:

JESSICA SANCHEZ NUMBERS: 18664365701, 18664365703, 18664365705 or 18664365707

  •  Magic Jack, Vonage or NetTalk. If you have Magic Jack, Vonage or NetTalk phones in Pinas, you can vote for Jessica by dialing the toll free number that will be assigned to her after the American Idol show. Check the American Idol website or Jessica Sanchez facebook to find out the toll free number she got for that episode. You have 2 chances to vote: 9am-12noon and 1pm-4pm on Thursday Manila time. If you get busy tone (try at least twice to be sure) on the first time slot, that means your Magic Jack or NetTalk phone has a West Coast number, so trying dialing on the second time slot (1-3pm). You can vote as many times as you want via dial method. If you get a busy tone, it means the voting is closed.

  •  Skype. If you don't have Magic Jack or Nettalk phone, you can also try dialing from your computer using Skype for free. If you got busy tone on the first time slot, try the second time slot. If you have Skype app on your smartphones, that should work too. Make sure to change the location to US in the dial pad.

  • Facebook. Vote online via the American Idol Facebook voting app. You may vote up to 50x per account.

  • Globe / TM. Toll-free numbers: DIAL 1280018664365701 OR 1280018664365703 1280018664365705 OR 1280018664365707

Let's make it a night to remember! Please spread the word...

Pilipinas, let's represent!!!

Miss J

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