REVISITED | NYX Studio Perfect Photo- Loving Primer

May 22, 2012

Oh it's time to post about my fave silicone primer to date-- the NYX Studio Perfect Photo- Loving Primer in 01 (Clear).  Makeup primer is a liquid or gel used to smooth facial skin before applying makeup.

I got this from online seller Digital Traincase for Php550.00. A lot of makeup junkies say that this is a dupe of Smashbox Primer but then I could not confirm that since I don't have the one from Smashbox.

Me Says:
  •  Smooth complexion upon application
  •  Foundation is easy to apply after this primer
  •  My pores became small and smooth after
  • Makes my makeup last for more than 8 hrs
  • Inexpensive compared to Smashbox
  • 30 ml is worth your buck
  • Clear and does not add color to my face

  • Only available through resellers
  • May not suit ladies who are allergic to silicone

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

I am very happy with this primer because I am not allergic to silicone. As you can see in the pic, I am almost finishing the tube.

If you are looking for an affordable primer which makes you look good on photos, this is worth trying. You can check Multiply or upcomin bazaars! Yay!


Miss J

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