Starbucks+Dotted Shoes+Good Friends= Laughter

May 23, 2012

Best in Screen Name: Amanda

Impromptu. Suddenly or hastily prepared. Nobody likes it.

But I do! My friends do!

And here are more reasons why:

  • Haste is waste... but opppps.... never with good old friends
  • Time for some Starbucks fix (no coffee for me, the Signature Hot Chocolate is the way to go)
  • I got to wear my red dotted shoes from Linea Italia
  • Chicken + Egg White Sandwich for my hungry tummy
  • Laughter. Lots of it.
Dotted Red Shoes from Linea Italia

Come on, put your planning to some rest. Be spontaneous.

And of course,  don't forget to bring your sense of adventure!

PS: If you are wondering why my cup says "Amanda", that is because I've been using that "screen name" in all of my Starbucks adventure. Yeah, I am that spontaneous.

Miss J

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