REVISITED | Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder

May 14, 2012

If you read reviews of Eshiko online, you will be amazed because this thing is said to be the best powder in the world even better than that of Makeup Forever's HD powder. This powder from Japan is creating sooo many raves all over the world!

I got this from a group buying site for Php 600 but it costs about $30.00 (regular price) if you order online. and been using this for 2 weeks I think. It boasts of 10 nanometer silica spheres perfect for photographs or shoots. I used this powder to set my last gig (prenup) and was satisfied with the results. It does certainly look good in photos and my model looked flawless. And don't be afraid of this white powder as it melts into your skin and becomes invisible when blended.

Me Says:

- Flawless finish on and off camera
- Instant glowing skin
- Keeps face matte and keep makeup intact for a long time
- A little amount of powder using. Kabuki brush goes a long way


- Though it made my face matte, I needed to use an oil- blotting sheet after 3 hrs (I work with my computer on for about 9 hrs each day)
- Application can be tricky (should be in small circular motion) and messy ( I need to transfer it to a better container with a better sifter)
- Only available online

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

I should not blame this powder if oil- control was not the one I kind of expected given the kind of job I do. The heat from my computer has always been my biggest problem eversince no matter which primer I use.

Buy Again? YES!

I could see myself using this in most of my shoots or models. My latest client could attest to this. She loved the finish and the instant glow-- just look at her photo below.

Miss J

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  1. Weirdly, I have insanely oily skin and Eshiko was able to stop the oil for 12 full hours for me! You need to apply Eshiko when your face is oily--do not use blotting sheets--and watch it do its magic. :)

  2. Hi ReineDrops- personally I have not given up on Eshiko. I am still roadtesting it further and looking for ways to improve its "performance" on my face. It is humid from where I am right now. I will update this post soon after.

    Bdw, thanks for visiting.

    Miss J