REVISITED | Urban Decay All Nighter

May 08, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

It's time for another Urban Decay post Bellas! I am excited to talk about this Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray which prolongs makeup making it not susceptible to oil or sweat.

As you are aware I got this from Tameraonline for $15 for 15 ml spray.

This product is to be applied after makeup directly to your face so be very careful when spraying near your eyes.

Me Says:

- Prolonged my makeup and reduced oil even when sweating
- Fragrance Fee
- Oil free
- The 15 ml is handy I can throw it in my bag anytime


- Pricey
- Only available online

Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

I swear by this product because I personally used this during Sunday's shoot and my client Zhe was amazed that her makeup didn't even move or fade away. Of course this isn't the only reason as I used primer underneath however I believe this product does work.

If only this thing comes cheap, I shall hoard a million bottles, lol.

BUY AGAIN? Yes and yeah!

Miss J

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