SHOE SPOTTING | The Girl with the Golden Shoe by Rosanna Pena

May 29, 2012

Rossanna Pena shoes I got on sale!

I have one more shoe to add in my collection! It's some gold sparkle footwear I got from Rossana Pena!

I just looooove, looooove gold shoes! I have a number of them, lol. I know--- super Vegas(y) hahaha! But WTH! This one was on sale but could not remember how much I paid for it... But I swear not over Php 500.00 from Cinderella in Glorietta.

This is an instant attraction in your ensemble so if you are going to make this as your statement in your outfit, keep the other pieces low-key.

Come on, just GO for the GOLD!

Miss J

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