REVISITED | Evian Facial Spray

May 01, 2012

It's a HOT, HOT summer in Manila I would often find myself reaching for a glass of water. I thought it's not a bad idea to quench my face with some Evian Facial Spray too.

First of all, let me tell you that this is natural mineral water and probably the most expensive water to date. When used daily, it increases your skin hydration, helps to fix your makeup and offers you constant freshness and purity.

I usually spray one or two in my face for instant hydration before applying my makeup and off to my foundation routine.

Me Says:

- Hydration in an instant
- No weird smell
- I can skip moisturizer which lessens my prep makeup time
- Cools your face especially this summer


- Pricey for php 199 for 50 ml pure water
- I don't think it helped in keeping my makeup intact

Overall Verdict:

3 Lipsticks

If not for the price, this can be a perfect product for anyone who dislikes the sticky moisturizer we need to pile in our faces each morning. Perhaps it is kinda hard to get this natural mineral water from the mountains abroad, eh lol. I honestly didn't think it preserved my makeup as it didn't stay longer than if I used a primer.

I think I can skip this and try something else which can work double time and not as too simple as water only.

Miss J

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