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May 08, 2012

If I am going to be a famous singer in a band, I'll probably name my group, "The Bandana Bandits". I think girls who can sport this look are pretty, confident and awesome!

To say that I love vintage is an understatement. I just love, love old people, place, style, etc. I really wished I lived back then (okay no Iphone but I heard the guys are just so gorgeous!).

If you remember Sunday's prenup shoot here, our theme was the 50's era so I had to come up with a style suited for 50's and I just remembered some old movies I saw in the past wherein porcelain(ed), red lippie(d) girls are shown in a car complete with bandana(s) on their hair. I mean-- that was probably the coolest thing on earth 60 years ago.

Today- I am going to show you how to ace wearing the bandana which I think is perfect for this summer as we need somehow to protect our skin and hair from the scorching heat.

How To's:

  1. If you can curl your hair with a curling iron, please do so.
  2. Tease your bangs to create some volume.
  3. Roll your bangs with your fingers and find the most flattering spot to highlight the height of your hair then secure with pins.
  4. You may opt to tie your hair the pony style way to move them away from your bangs.
  5. Get the bandana, fold the bandana in your desired length
  6. Put the ends of the bandana on top of your head and create a bow or just tie it any other way. Please don't forget to tie it after where your bangs are secured in Step 3.
  7. Put some hairspray if you must.

Now, here are few photos for better illustration:

And of course here's my own version on last Sunday's shoot:

Happy Bandana Day, Bellas!

Miss J

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  1. nice tutorial! and the outcome is fantastic :))

  2. Hello Michael,

    Thanks for visiting. I just followed your blog and I must say you are awesome looking in your pics!

    Miss J