REVISITED | James Cooper Jazzy Collection Compact Cream Foundation

May 15, 2012

During my makeup class at MUD which I blogged
here, I came to the class as if I knew nothing about makeup.  I did this so I can be like a sponge-- just absorb what our teacher, Ms. Myr has to teach us. I wanted to empty my mind on whatever I learned in my years of countless practice, most of the time coupled with frustrations.
Our teacher, Ms. Myr has a great smile, flawless skin and very pretty. Anyone can be intimidated but she never made me feel inferior during the class. She talked about oily skin and why our skin becomes oily mid day. So when she asked the class whether oily skinned ladies should avoid cream foundations, her answer was an immediate NO! She told us that the number one reason why our skin gets oilier is because we strip it with moisture it needs and to compensate on the lost moisture, it sends signal to our pores to produce even more oil. The solution is simple--- wear cream foundation which is oil-based and 90 to 100% coverage so your skin will stop producing more oil.

That my friends, is my very first "aha" moment in makeup school.

Gosh- to be honest, I hate creamy foundations because you do all know I have oily skin and the more I put a lot of products in my face, I get more zits. But I have been keeping a secret for a loong time now. You see a lot of people get to ask me what are the products I used in my models or clients. Well I guess I am now ready to spill my secret.

The truth is-- I had been using the James Cooper Jazzy Collection Compact Cream Foundation in 03 (on myself on special occasions  and 02 (for shoots, clients etc.)

03 Shade which suits medium to dark skintones
02 Shade which suits fair skintone

Okay, now let me tell you why.

Me Says:

- Acts as foundation and concealer in one
- Covers blemishes, acne scars and unwanted discoloration in the face perfectly
- Inexpensive for Php 550.00 ($12)
- Huge product, about 20g for its price
- A little goes a long way


- No spatula but read below for my alternate solution
Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

This is my HG cream foundation.When worn under a primer this lasts a long time. I usually apply this with a duo-fibre brush or stipple brush for an airbrushed look.

As you can see the product looks as if some "rat" has been eating my cream foundation, lol. For hygienic purposes, I use a Qtip to get a little product then use my brush either in my hand or a flat surface (a metal pan is the best way to go but I have yet to buy one). You'll be surprised how flawless your skin can look.

And ooops, I think James Cooper is a local product but of course you can correct me if I got it wrong:)

Miss J

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  1. Thanks for this review Ms. J..Definitely, this is going top be on my list. I Think this is not for everyday use because of it's full coverage.Instead, it is for special occasions, I guess?

  2. Hi Lechique- yes right. I don't use this everyday only in those days you need some serious makeup:)

    You may opt to use Tinted Moisturizer for everyday use and so far the best I tried is the one from The Balm TM SPF18.

  3. Thankd for putting this up.I am in theunt for a very good concealer and perhaps and I'll take this over the Naturactor, which is a new hype now, also, much expensive and quite hard to find. Followed you by the way, follow back via bloglovin pls. thanks!