SHOE SPOTTING | Janilyn Leopard Shoe

July 29, 2012

Hola everyone! I am supposed to be sleeping still because it's Sunday but here I am trying to write this post because I just could not sleep anymore, boooo! 😖

Anyhow, yesterday I was booked to do makeup for the whole entourage plus the mothers of the bride and groom! My golly they are just too many so good thing my friend Giselle agreed to accept this gig too so off we went.

It was a nice wedding and again, can't help but shed a tear or two as always. Ah weddings really make me cry!

Now I am going to stop blogging about it because I plan to do a separate post on that and what I really want to talk about is this--- my Janilyn Leopard shoe!

This is a nice break from the usual black or brown pumps! You can see that it goes so chic and "japorms" you can instantly make this a statement in your whole ensemble! I'd say keep the rest of your outfit simple and in one color hue so this shoe could stand out!

I am going to rock this shoe I swear! Leopard prints are no longer limited to tops or bottoms. It can also be translated to a shoe!

Have fun leopard-ing!

Miss J

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