BARGAIN SPOTTING | 4-pc Travel Makeup Brushes from Landmark Makati

July 13, 2012

I love Landmark in Makati ! I always have this 80’s vibe whenever I shop there. Not only that there are pretty bargain finds but the homey feeling as if you got stuck in some 80’s era is just so fantastic!

So one fine day, while my friend and her friend were checking out brushes there, I found this!

Wow, such a good bargain find if you are looking for a cheap and easy on the pocket travel brushes.

It has four brushes:

1. Powder Brush

2. Foundation Brush

3. Eyeshadow Brush

4. Concealer brush

I saw other brushes however, the others don’t look “expensive” as the quality seem to be unpretty so I opted to get this one. I mean for Php 199.00 ($4), can you blame the girl?

And wait, here’s more: It has a mirror inside this black book (it resembles a book, lol). You can tie the ribbon how you want to seal it. Overall, it’s a pretty good deal so I am pretty sure you don’t have to break your wallet with this baby.

So next time you are in Landmark, look for this baby! You might just find a thing which can make you happy:)

Miss J

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