FOOD SPOTTING | Siopao, Siomai and Kowloon House

July 15, 2012

Hola everyone! Do you have any cheap thrills to share? I do! I do!

First of all, I think I am a “fake” Chinese because of one past love (ehem!). So eating siopao is only but natural to “Chinese” like me, right?

Now, to my international readers (ehem, again!), Siopao (Chinese: ; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: sio-pau) is a Hokkien term for bāozi (), literally meaning "steamed buns".[1] It has also been incorporated in to Thai cuisine where it is called salapao (Thai: ซาลาเปา).[

Well, my most favourite siopao happens to be from this small, no-frills place called Kowloon House!
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Back in 2008, my pregnant friend Pam made a very special paglilihi (translation: first signs of pregnancy) request: Get her some siopao from this place in Park Square in Makati . She said she already tried every siopao in the metro and yet nothing can satisfy her hunger with this white bun if not coming from Kowloon House.

My golly—you should have seen her how she thanked me for bringing these siopao as if they are gold bars! Nobody argues with a pregnant woman!

So one day, I invited my two friends to try this small place. Oh my, they loooooooooooved it! An asado siopao (2 buns) costs only Php 60.00, beat that! And you shouldn’t miss Bola bola and Jumbo Pao as well. And don't forget the many kinds of siomai too!

So if you like to pay homage to our dear Chinese friends and ancestors (they say all of us have Chinese blood at some point!), you should not miss this place.

Here are few reasons why snacking here is a must:
  • Inexpensive
  • Homey atmosphere
  • Best siopao (at least for me!) in town
  • Siomai makes me faint (because of happiness)
  • Authentic Chinese taste, according to some and I would agree having tasted dumplings from Beijing ( Gotta bring the ex to this place to check if indeed it tastes authentic but he’s too far away, so no chance, lol!) 
The nearest Kowloon House that I know are the ones at Park Square (along Pasay Road ) and SM Makati (food court, near the ladies’ washroom).

Kowloon House may be a small place but hey, remember that you got a huge tummy to fill, so don’t even think twice!

And if you say “Ni Hao” (hello) when you order, don’t forget to also say “Xie Xie” (thank you) when your tummy says “Burp!”

Miss J

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