REVISITED | SNOE Scrumptious Body Spritz in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt

July 11, 2012

Summer is over but I still can't get over my SNOE Body Ritual Recipes Scrumptious Body Spritz in Honey Dew Melon Yogurt!
Php 249.00 ($5) in stores

Scrumptious? Sounds like too genius for me. But that word just simply means "SPLENDID". Personally, I just looooove fruity scents and my fave perfume is from Moschino which I've been using for 4 years now.

So when this greenish bottle came to my hands I just got hooked! First of all, this is sooooo light and refreshing as if you just got some splash from your fave honey dew melon for real! I also know that this product is perfect for summer but who says you can't wear this spritz this time of the year? No one, right?

Me Says:

  • Light, fresh , clean and refreshing spritz all year around
  • Smells really really good (swear!)
  • Instant perk-me-up spray for some good vibes all day
  • Only Php 249.00 ($ 5) in SNOE stores
  • Ingredients listed in the bottle (they really listen to their customer's feedback, wow!)
  • N-O-T-H-I-N-G!
Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks

If you need some cool and refreshing change or just simply want to take a break from your usual heavy perfume, this spray is for you. Believe me, it makes me happy just to spray this all over as the scent gives me that extra "happy vitamins" to add to my day. Apart from that, this product has a lotion and a body wash which would allow you to layer your scent effectively.

Apart from SNOE bringing us excellent organic products, they are also widening their range of beauty products so expect to see more from them soon!

For now, don't tell me I didn't say enough to get this spritz soon! 

Buy Again: Yes, yes, yes, dear!

Miss J

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  1. Hmmm... Gotta have some of those happy vitamins soon! :P

    Sana magkaSnoe na sa lahat ng malls! :))

  2. Hello Janine--- Oo nga! This is sooo cool talaga! My happy vitamin! Hahaha. Thanks for always visiting. Hope to see you one day!

  3. Great review! Have you also tried pairing these with the bath syrup and frosting too? :)

  4. Hi Joanna - not yet because I have n8t been able to buy them yet. But I heard so many good things about them. Hopefully soon!