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July 16, 2012

Lookie, lookie what's in my makeup kit!

Since I started loving makeup, it was always a struggle how NOT to bring my entire makeup stash in my everyday bag. I mean I love big bags but lately, I always try to challenge myself by bringing with me a small to medium sized bag trying to see if I am up for it.

A boy I used to date asked me before whether I carry stones in my bag, lol. Of course he was teasing me but that made me think whether I had been bringing too much or not (wow, as if contemplating haha!).

So, here's a snapshot of what I usually carry with me in my usual day.

  1. Styli Style Luna Bronze/ Blush
  2. 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder SPF 15PA++
  3. Nature Republic Panda Zero WaterProof Mascara
  4. The Balm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer SPF18
  5. ArtDeco Concealer in 05
  6. Loreal Made for Me Naturals Eyeshadow
  7. ELF Lip Stain in Red Carpet
  8. Prestige Eyeshadow in Caribe
  9. 4U2 Colors Single Eyeshadow (04)
  10. VMV Matte Lipstick in Hot Librarian
  11. MAC Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo
  12. Nichido Minerals Kohl Pencil in Onyx
  13. Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut
  14. Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion
  15. Nivea Sunblock SPF50

I love my makeup kit from Majolica Majorca. It's GOLD, SHINY and very ME, lol.

And oops, don't forget to include this baby in my list--- my Shu Uemura eyelash curler which I got when I attended one of their events here!

So what's in your makeup kit lately? I'm excited to know!

Miss J

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  1. Cool stuff, dear! That's a truckload of goodies right there! ;)


  2. Hello AJ hahaha yes.thanks for visiting!

  3. Your bag is super cute! I hope to try the Majolica Majorca powder soon (if my wallet lets me). :)


    1. Hi CJ-- thanks for leaving tons of comments, I love to read them. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy your stay:)