REVISITED | BIGEN Speedy Conditioning Color

July 06, 2012

I have grey hairs which unfortunately are unpretty to look at! Blame it on the genes! My real hair color is dark brown which I took from my mom (she had pretty brown eyes). But from time to time, I need some lighter hair color and mine comes from a bottle.

I retouch my roots to save some money. I used to have them done at Bench Fix in Glorietta courtesy of moi and JB's fave beauty expert, KC. But to save some moolah for more spending power, thus the decision to do it myself.

So are you ready to do your own hair color in a matter of ten (10) minutes? Introducing: BIGEN Speedy Conditioning Color in Warm Chestnut (Php 300+ in Mercury stores).

My mom used Bigen when I was younger so I am familiar with the brand. However, she used the old powder formula and I wonder if that is still being sold till now. In short Bigen is sooooo old schooled to some but wait, before you judge, read below.

I've been using this for quite sometime now. And I've been feeling so selfish of not letting you ladies know it hihihi! But I feel it is my duty to share the love, weeeee.
Okay now, on to the review:

Me Says:
  • 10-Minute Perfect Gray Coverage
  • Contains 6 Natural Herbal Extracts
  • Floral Fragrance
  • Leaves Hair Silky to Touch
  • I use this multiple times as this comes in tube form which means I can only squeeze the right amount I need
  • Inexpensive 
  • Comes with a comb and a brush
  • Limited shades available
Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

If you are looking to save some moolah in coloring your roots or simply just need some change in you without hurting your wallet, this is worth your while. Or ask a friend to have some girl bonding while coloring your hair!

What about you ladies? Have you tried coloring your hair lately?

Miss J

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