RESTAURANT SPOTTING | Benny's @ Glorietta Makati

July 08, 2012

Oh- it's one of those days that you start craving for something and yet the first place which crossed your mind is still closed (too early, dear!).

And while killing time, you found a perfect place to unwind your little me- time. And so I found my way to this little, unassuming, quiet place in the side of Glorietta (where Rustan's supermarket is located). And oh, by the way, it's called BENNY'S.
Benny's @ Glorietta and my orange bag.
I was dying to have some pancakes (I know, of all the beautiful things in this world!).

Weee, weee and weee! Pancakes!

And of course, I'd like to kick some ass, thus the coffee experience!

Thank you Benny's! You made my little me-time an ass-kicking experience!

Miss J

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  1. cool! i always see that but havent thought of trying it out yet.

  2. They serve pretty nice food in the menu. If you get a chance to visit, please share your experience:)