Why I Love Project Vanity and Ms. Liz Lanuzo

July 25, 2012

A lot of times, I get asked who is my fave beauty blogger from the Philippines. And of course I have my fave bloggers abroad. With Youtube and Facebook around, it is now a lot easier to spot so many beauty bloggers around the world.

Well, the answer is simple. I like a beauty blogger whom I can relate to. A girl already has too many worries and knowing someone who has the same woes as you do is only but comforting.

Okay- you might have came across Ms. Liz Lanuzo of www.projectvanity.com who teaches us girls to be confident with our own beauty and style. I first learned about her blog few years ago while looking for reviews on Beauty Brick, a Korean salon where I had my very first digiperm experience. Though in her blog post, she only spoke about her haircut experience, she got me hooked for two reasons: glasses and confidence.

You see, I wore glasses half of my adult life until recently I had Intralasik procedure from Shinagawa (click here) and glasses have been my defense mechanism of some sort. Being full figured and one who wore glasses, glasses became my protective shield in faking confidence. Yes- you heard it right! Some girls fake confidence at some point and I did it too. I am not saying that Ms. Liz was faking her confidence but she seemed really confident when writing articles and presenting herself in her site. I like her sense of style and the way she empowers women to be brave in trying out new things.
Photo from  http://www.projectvanity.com

She wrote with variety of things from product reviews, social awareness, her deepest feelings and beauty tutorials. Her writing style is easy and does not come as if these articles were written in haste. As if she always makes it a point to put a dose of her own persona in every post. It’s not a surprise why she gained a number of followers since she started blogging. 

So imagine my happiness when I got to meet her face to face during one blogger’s event. And to top it all, a picture to seal the deal!
Ms. Liz Lanuzo and a fan!
How was she like in person? Oh wow, the term “kind” could be an understatement. She was eating when I dropped by at the Pinkbox booth but was very nice to accommodate me still. Needless to say, my admiration even grew bigger when she said to me that she thinks she has read my blog at one point. I didn’t expect her to be so humble when she doesn’t even know me. And when she started following me in Twitter-- ah,  I almost fainted!

To Ms. Liz- thank you for inspiring us all and when people say that you got smart readers, I feel very proud that I am one of them.

More power to you and stay beautiful inside and out.

Miss J

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