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July 01, 2012

One of my favorite movies in 2011 was the movie called "BRIDESMAIDS". It starred Kristen Wiig and some equally other lovely girls who gave me such a good laugh while watching it. I swear it is such a beautiful movie even better than a chick flick.

Critics say that this is the female version of the movie "Hang Over" which was also a box office success. So when I got invited to be a bridesmaid in one of my very good friend's wedding, I was deeply honored. Gary*(whom we fondly call Tito Boy) was a classmate since I was in fourth grade till high school. He is such a humble and nice guy who would often drive and pick us up from our homes during reunions in Bicol where I was from. Even here in Manila many years later, he would often still be the nice guy and offer to take us home after every each get together.

Weddings make me cry. They do! I am not ashamed to say it. And yes-- I even cried on his wedding too. It was such a beautiful wedding-- so solemn and sincere it made us feel so nostalgic just looking at him and his wife getting married. To be a kid is fun but to be an adult is a phase of life we should always welcome. And being married is such a beautiful step to realize that one has finally found the courage to be in an unfamiliar situation and yet armed with hope that love will make everything right.
Location: St. James Church & Bellevue Hotel (both in Alabang)
And to see my good old friends are a good thing. You remember you are older and yet you realize there are still that memories of your childhood deep inside you.

Atty. Nini and Moi as bridesmaids. Yeah I did my own simple hair and makeup (If you are a bridesmaid, you must remember that you are not a BRIDE, just a BRIDESMAID so give the bride her time to shine, lol!)

The girls all grown up now!
Look how crazy we can get in a wedding!
Good friends are hard to find.
We are childhood friends no doubt. And we will always be friends no matter what.

Miss J

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  1. aww i remember my friend's wedding and she also got me as her bridesmaid :)