REVISITED | Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut

July 18, 2012
Here's how you should line your brows!

So it’s Wednesday confession so I’d spill a secret! I am so obsessed in perfecting my BROWS! God knows and God knows how much I am TRYING hihihi! Apart from the fact that we must all groom our brows, it’s important also to find a product which works for every one of us.

So from powder to pencil to pens, I think I almost tried all. I thought I’d share to you my latest find from a local brand called Nichido. It’s the Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut.

Some say an eyebrow pencil is so old schooled but I disagree! With the proper technique, you can achieve the most natural looking brows in a whim!

Me Says:
  • Chestnut is a perfect shade for my colored hair (love, love, love!)
  •  It’s soft and creamy
  • Glides smoothly in my brows and very natural looking
  • Inexpensive for Php 138.00 ($3) in your local stores
  • Made in Czech (wow!)
  • Staying power is not outstanding (but rating this as excellent still) as I found a way to remedy this. Dab a small amount of loose powder to keep the color intact
  • Forgive me but I am very lazy in sharpening pencil-type products haha!

Here's a photo of me using the Nichido Minerals Precise Eye Pencil in Chestnut in my brows!

Overall Verdict:

4.5 Lipsticks

Most Pinay beauty bloggers are convinced this is a good buy! And theredlippie agrees!

Buy Again: Yes, Yes, Yes!

Miss J

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