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Hola everyone! Hope everyone is safe especially since the weather is acting really strange! And why is that all typhoons here in sunny Manila has to come on a weekend? This is the second time in a row that the weather was a blah! Boo:(

Well anyhow, I promised to review more lip products these days as requested by my friend Sarah last month. I have a number of lippies and today I am going to talk about a brand which I really really like--- VMV Hypoallergenics! This brand is known internationally for their excellent products and I feel very proud that this company is from the Philippines ! Yey!

Because absolutely adore matte lipsticks, I had to get the VMV Matte Lipstick in Hot Librarian. It’s a super pretty darker pink shade which can pass as your MLBB (My lips but better) shade.

Product Description:

Full coverage, full body, velvet finish lipstick.

VH -75/76*. 100% All-Types-Of-Fragrance-Free. 100% Dye-Phthalate-Paraben + Preservative-Free. Non-Comedogenic. Non-Darkening. Usage + Patch-Tested.

100% Dye-Free.

100% Free of Irritating Waxes (including Beeswax and its cross-reactors), Phthalates, Parabens + Preservatives.

100% Free of All-Types-Of-Fragrance.

With titanium dioxide + iron oxide pigments for additional sun protection.

With green tea for antioxidant benefits plus virgin coconut oil for intensive moisturization.

Besides preventing chapping + other irritations, all this safety prevents darkening of the lips and acne/rashes around the mouth and chin.

Me Says:
  • A perfect MLBB(My lips but better) shade for me
  • Velvety, smooth, glides in my lips
  • No weird smell
  • No irritation
  • Respectable staying power
  • A bit pricey for Php 1,050 (even pricier than my MAC lippie!)

Overall Verdict:

5 Lipsticks (minus the tag price!)

I really think I found the best everyday lipstick for me which isn’t RED. There was never a day that I wore this without being complimented. Even my friends like this product too much. In my recent MUA gig, I used this lipstick in most of the members of the entourage and it suited them very well.

Joanna wearing the VMV Matte Lipstick which I blogged here!

TIP: To keep this color intact, I dab a small amount of lip balm on my lips. Tissue off gently, then apply a thin coat of my fave face primer in my lips. Then apply this with or without a brush for a long lasting color!

Buy Again: Yes, Yes, Yes! Going to save my moolah for this baby!

Miss J

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