The Red Lippie Makes it to Venus and Minerals Botanicals Page

August 23, 2012

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry, I am extremely busy these days and I mean both work and personal life thus the lack of reviews. But I just want to say that I read all your comments and super grateful for all of them. I always feel special whenever I hear good things about my blog. 

While others write to impress or to enjoy all those bloggers' perks, all I ever wanted was to rekindle my love for writing. And since I love makeup, I thought it was best to talk about the things that I enjoy doing.

Anyhow, now, I woke up to some good news last few days. Venus and Mars Botanicals was very nice to include me in their Facebook page as a way of thanking me for my honest review which I wrote here

Well actually, this is already the second time that they featured my blog so I just want to let them know how grateful I am for featuring me. They said that I was the very first blogger who was featured in their page, weeeee! 

To Venus & Mars---- super thank you! This means a lot to me. More power to you and may you always come up with good products!

Miss J

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