STYLE SPOTTING | Giordano Cropped Denim Jacket + Maxi Dress

August 18, 2012

Hola fashionistas! So far my usual outfit ensemble life revolves around two things:




Miss J's wardrobe timeline:
Mon to Fri= Maxi Dresses or Jeans
Weekends= Shorts
Miss J= Happy

Okay here's the deal: On usual work weekdays, I would probably be wearing maxi dresses more often than jeans. On weekends you would probably catch me sporting some shorts. I may not have the most fashionable legs in the whole wide world but I wear shorts like it's the end of the world, lol. 

I guess wearing shorts reminded me of my childhood as a tomboy. I have no recollection that I ever played with barbie dolls. I was always with the boys playing those hard to beat boys' games, mind you. Even my dad at some point thought I was going to grow up like a man, hahaha! But of course, I was girlie girlie all the way deep inside me since I started having crushes at 14 (ehem!).

Now so much of my childhood, what I really want to share is how I came to own this cropped denim jacket from Giordano courtesy of one of my best girls, Annie. She spotted this beautiful denim thing on earth and informed me right away. Of course, I just had to buy it! Prior to that, I owned two beautiful cropped denim jackets from Mango. So this addition is very much welcome.

I really like the maxi dress + cropped denim jacket combo. I think it would take a lot of years before I get tired of it, hihihi. I mean it's just so chic and a perfect get up for me, lalalalah! Haha!

Maxi Dress: Shopaholic | Cropped Jacket: Mango

Oh well, even Baby Yuki agrees! He's the sweetest baby from Tokyo!

Now what's your fave outfit combo? Spill it!

Miss J

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