August 29, 2012

Hola everyone! How is your week going on so far? Well I had series of misfortunes so unfortunately the review I've been wanting to post will not be done today, booo:(. I edited the pics hoping to upload along with my post but I accidentally deleted them..:( 

Suddenly, I needed some anger management class (lol), as my brain wanted to say this to myself.... $%^@^@&*@(@)@)@)@!... God Bless you, Miss J.

So the pics I need to redo but this also means I need to do another eye makeup post using my Virginia Olsen Minerals eyeshadow. That my friends---> is no cool at all....

But don't worry I am oh-so-cool now. I am going to create a look by tomorrow and hopefully upload them soon!

Anyhow, I checked out Zalora and I had a couple of wish list. Come on, you can get me these babies if you wanna make me feel a little better hihihi!

So presenting my top pick for this week!

Incidentally, for every Php 500 worth of online orders made in Zalora's website, you can get 5% discount by simply adding my voucher code during your checkout: MISSJ1231

Enjoy shopping ladies and hoping things are doing great for you!

Miss J

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