SHOE SPOTTING | Hush Puppies Akumal Red Leather

August 23, 2012

Since you all know my fave combo is a denim jacket + a Maxi Dress which I blogged here, I am always on the lookout of some footwear to match its easy breezy style. The usual is an open toe sandal for that casual vibe or if you are going to spike your usual ensemble, then a wedge would be a nice pair.

So while my good friend Helen(e) and Moi are up for some girl bonding, I spotted this red open toe sandals from Hush Puppies in guess whaaaaat???? RED

Red is absolutely one of my fave colors. Okay enough said!

Hush Puppies Sandals 

Oh well, mind you it's one of the most comfy flats I ever had! The upper material is red leather and the inner sole is some sort of  "Abaca" material while the outer sole is made of rubber. No need to break your feet while road testing them. I tell you, it's one of the most comfy things in the world.

And another highlight of course is catching up with my friend Helen(e)

Miss J and Helen(e) coffee-ing!

She is like a sister to me. I feel so lucky to have good spirited friends. I am sure you also have that kind of friend you always thought to be like a sister. If you have one, then you must be lucky like me.

Miss J

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