The Mod Lei Nail & Day Spa Experience

September 04, 2012

If you are living up north (read: Quezon City area, especially near Katipunan Road) or anywhere in the metro and need some pampering and R&R pronto, let me introduce you to the very first emu-oil based organic spa, the Mod Lei Nail & Day Spa. 

Mod Lei Nail & Day Spa is the newest venture of sisters Jamie and Just Tan of the famous Venus & Mars Naturals. To know more about them here's what I gathered from this site.

VENUS AND MARS NATURALS is the First True Emu Oil Skin Care Line in the Philippines. Inspired by age-old beauty rituals, we try to bridge the world through wondrous products that deliver, while empowering the world with the beneficial effects it brings to the people and environment. Together, we can make this world a better place. Organic skin care solutions that fit. V&M Naturals. Skin and Hair Nourishment from Nature.

The company managing V&M NATURALS is duly registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and is legally operating with accounts in BIR, FDA and IPO. ALL products are FDA approved and licensed with the Food and Drug Administration (the new BFAD).The company imports and supplies products in bulk (fragrances, carrier oils, extracts, soaps, skin and hair care products, spa and wellness products, aromatherapeutic oils etc) to other wholesalers. It also provides consultation services regarding: -fragrance formulation, -product development, -spa services and over-all training-related services and more.

I do love massages myself. In fact, when I am feeling gloomy and need and instant perk-me-up activity aside from munching (wohooooo!), I usually opt for massage. 

So imagine my happiness when Jamie of V&M Naturals invited me up north to try the  Mod Lei Nail & Day Spa services! Oh wow, how can I ever say "No" to that. They asked me to try their SIGNATURE BODY RITUAL – SKIN SLATE Treatment and SIGNATURE FOOT SPA WITH PARAFFIN – SOLE SEARCHING.

Oh the makeup! I should not miss this for the world!

Upon entering the spa, you will be greeted by their smiling and accommodating attendants. I was greeted by one of their attendants, Michelle and I immediately went on to take pictures of their products. Then gave me a nice "grape" drink which I forgot to take picture of.

Michelle showing me the Mod Lei space. She greeted me with a smile and was patient to answer all my questions on different V&M products.

Then later on, I was also introduced to Ms. Kim, their supervisor.

Miss J meets Miss Kim

Being a makeup lover, I immediately went to their MMU's display and had a look. I also adored the many products they currently have.

Now, I mentioned earlier that I love massages, but their SIGNATURE BODY RITUAL – SKIN SLATE Treatment is not something I should not miss! I mean, just imagine this: getting scrubbed like a REAL princess is a priceless! 

Well if your guy has not thrown petals for you, at least Mod Lei can just give you just that:)

Oh yes, I felt like a princess who is about to get married to a handsome prince the next day (lol) thus, all these wonderful scrubbing and therapeutic fragrances are all over. I swear, I've never smelled so good after a scrub except this one. Ate Rose, my therapist was really patient in explaining to me what she was doing so I also got some lecture on the side.

Then after the wonderful body treatment, I was treated to a SIGNATURE FOOT SPA WITH PARAFFIN – SOLE SEARCHING. Daisy was my assigned angel for that day!

Look at those real flowers! Much like a princess, indeed!
Ate Rose who did my body treatment and Daisy who gave me some foot lovin:)

Oh, getting a foot spa is also one of my obsessions! Our feet are probably the most abused part of our bodies. Oh well at least to me and oftentimes, a foot spa is a perfect way to give them the much deserved pampering. Plus, I got some pedicure too! Oh wow!

Kim, their supervisor and the Mod Lei staff. 

Photo Op with these nice staff from Mod Lei.

But of course, I also did a little shopping on the side. I purchased their Jagermeister Pore Suit soap and the Lose That Inch Slimming and Massage Oil.

To all the wonderful people of Mod Lei, super thank you for the best experience I ever had. I enjoyed it tremendously. I only wished I was able to meet Just & Jamie so I can personally thank them for inviting me. I think I was having the body treatment when Jamie walked into the spa. Nevertheless, I personally recommend this place if you think you need that much deserved pampering.

Mod Lei Nail and Day Spa is located at Unit 1-B Xavierville Residences 41 Abada St., Cor. Rosa Alvero Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Treatment hours are from 10am-10pm.

DIRECTIONS: If you are coming from Makati where I am from, go through C-5 until you reach Katipunan. If you reach Ateneo on your right, you should see McDonalds and Shakeys on your left. Now make the U-turn and turn right once you are in the street where McDonald's is. If you see 7-11 store, beside it,  that's where Mod Lei is.

I am sure you all will have a wonderful time at Mod Lei like I did. Check out V&M Facebook page here!

Miss J

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